HF Expertise – Traceability – Robotics


Expertise Soudure Haute Fréquence / High Frequency Welding Expertise / Soldadura por Alta Frecuencia Maestria

High frequency welding is an assembly technique applied to thermoplastic materials, produced with mechanical pressure combined with an electromagnetic wave of 27.12 MHz. This welding technique sets in motion the molecules of thermoplastic materials, which heats them until they reach the melting point, without necessarily adding temperature on the electrodes.

The advantages of HF are:

  • Fast and homogeneous heating of materials without any deterioration
  • Uniform, resistant and durable welds
  • Air-, water- and gas-tight welds
  • Ability to weld multiple layers
  • Few vapours emitted during the welding (unlike the use of glue)

MATRELEC’S know-how is based on excellent technical expertise and perfect control of operating our HF generators, developed and manufactured in-house. This control lets us fully understand and manage each welding application and guide you in your choice of the most appropriate solution in terms of machine and tooling.


Matrelec has developed management and operating solutions for its machines that can trace each weld in the case of sensitive products or products that require precise tracking. Our machines can manage different weld recipes and histories and their behaviour. 

The history, saved continuously, can be analysed at any time. Displays of the welding curves let the technicians improve the weld quality and optimise the production rate.

This also lets us mark each product in real time in the production cycle, in order to have complete and permanent traceability.

Traçabilité des Soudures / Welding Traceability / Trazabilidad de las Soldadura


Intégration de Robots / Integration of Robots / Integración de la Robótica

We are devoted to optimising your production, irrespective of the market you operate in.

The integration of robots to carry out loading and unloading operations, for example, constitutes substantial productivity savings.

All of our solutions are the result of many years of experience and know-how,